Homes England Digital

As a team, we embrace and exemplify the Homes England Way. This is reflected in our Digital ways of working. These ways of working reinforce rather than replace and the Homes England Way, amplifying those aspects that particularly pertain to Digital work.

In our work

  • We get the basics right
  • We do the right thing
  • We delight our users and lean into their issues
  • We are agile
  • We deliver services, not things
  • We innovate and experiment
  • We relentlessly improve what we deliver and how we deliver it

As a team

  • We share, collaborate and work in the open
  • We trust, empower and support each other
  • We positively challenge ourselves and others
  • We welcome challenge, dissent and new ideas from wherever they come
  • We celebrate successes and heroic failures

Our Norms

Our customers recognise our professionalism and value by how we react when difficult choices are demanded. Our norms are our default positions in such moments.

  • We prefer to say “yes, if” or “yes, later” rather than “no”
  • We prefer to empower rather than direct
  • We prefer to start small than to plan big
  • We prefer to decide than to defer a decision
  • We prefer finishing work in progress than adding more
  • We prefer managed delivery over heroics
  • We prefer good today over perfect later
  • We prefer intentional design over reactive solutions
  • We prefer to reduce technical debt than to add to it
  • We prefer to be focused rather than busy

Whilst the items on the right have value in the right circumstances, we value the items on the left more. These are rules of thumb, not rules. This a guide and is not an exhaustive list.